Best Red Caviar Appetizers

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Best Red Caviar Appetizers

Red caviar appetizers are incredibly tasty and good for your health.In this product a lot of protein, which is easily absorbed by the body.Red caviar raises the level of hemoglobin in the blood.There are many recipes with red caviar: sandwiches with butter and red caviar, appetizers with caviar,etc.Red caviar is also used in combination with various ingredients and serves as an excellent decoration for your holiday table.
Introducing a variety of snacks from the red caviar.
Eggs stuffed with red caviar
5 eggs
Red caviar-50 g
1 small onion
thick cream-30g
Cooking Method
Wash well rice and boil it.Cook the eggs hard-boiled, peel , cut in half and remove yolks.
Grate the onion on a fine grater.Mash yolks with a fork.Combine all ingredients except the caviar and mix them.Stuff the halves of glairs with resulting mixture.Decorate with red caviar on top.

red caviar appetizer
Stuffed Eggs with Red Caviar

Snacks with Smoked Salmon and Red Caviar


Smoked salmon-300 g

Thick cream – 100 g

Red caviar-100 g

Bread for toasts


Cooking Method

Cut smoked salmon into thin leaves.Put in the middle of each salmon leaf a teaspoon of sour cream, lightly smudge it, arrange the caviar on top, sprinkle with chopped parsley.Then roll the leaves in the form of small cones and sticks to secure with ordinary toothpicks.Put snacks with red caviar into small toasts.

delicious snacks with red caviar
Snacks with Smoked Salmon and Red Caviar

Potato with Caviar


The small boiled potatoes – 20 pcs.

Melted cheese-200 g

Red caviar-100 g

Black caviar-100 g

Dill and parsley

Ground black pepper

Cooking Method

Cut the top and bottom of each potatoes.Bottom smaller – only for stability, above – a little more.Place ready potatoes on a plate.Chop finely parsley and beat up with melted cheese.Put on the potatoes resulting mixture.Arrange red and black  caviar on top of mixture,but that half of the potatoes was red and the other half – black.Garnish with sprigs of dill.Enjoy your caviar appetizer!

caviar appetizer
Potato with Caviar